giovedì 26 aprile 2007

Workshop,by Paola Anzichè BODY EXTENSIONS; Faculty of arts and design, Belgrade, MEGATREND.

The workshop presentation will be devoted to and taking off from some historical key works related to a sensorial parcour which tries to cover the manifold relations between the body as well the senses' extended realm and sculptural work.

Works selected:

YOKO ONO: Cut piece 1964
VALIE EXPORT: Touch Cinema 1968
REBECCA HORN: Finger Gloves 1972 Head Extension
1972, Mechanical body fan 1972, Arm Extensions 1968,
FRANZ WEST: Passtück 1978-79
LYGIA CLARK: Caminhando c. 1965/1998,
Mascaras sensorias, Mascara vermelha 1967/1998,
The I and the you: clothing-body-cloting 1967
HELIO OITICICA: Parangolè 1966-68
Lucy Orta: Refuge Wear City Interventions 1993-1996

Starting from a reflection on spatial, social, emotive distances which mark our "habitat" (living enviroment) the students will develope a "wearable sculpture", something that can be identified with a need, and, at the same time,that will analyze the living space/room. Try to think about the kind of space that everyone (as a person, as a citizen) needs within a city, in relation to public spaces that are at disposal, as well to those spaces that lack, trying to cope also with (typically) urban and/or sub-urban situations.

Thanks to Italian Cultural Center, Belgrade, Sig.ra Alessandra Bertini Malgarini, cinema Rex,
Aleksandra Raonic, Cynthia Markhoff.

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Vanja's project, " Colors, and soul"

Dusan's project " I'm a smoke addict "

Snezana- Sonja, projects- FOTOSINTEZA "My hair IS weak, the sun is a good solution to let IT grow"

Snezana- Sonja, projects- FOTOSINTEZA "My hair IS weak, the sun is a good solution to let IT grow"

MARINA's project "Marina's project is: My house - my dress: how do you feel inside?